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Did you know that we also publish books?

Our most recent print via Amazon is The Luminari, a Jake Jones Mystery, by Chris R Young

Dogged detective Jake Jones is a sleuth-hound in a City of corrupt cops, drug overlords, power-hungry politicians, femmes fatales and low down, no-good hoods who’d rather chew your arm off than use their turn signals.

When his classy new client, Lucida Grande, strolls into his office and gets poisoned right there in his visitor chair even before hiring him to find and free her sister, Gill Sans, he just can’t let sleeping dogs lie. A card in her purse leads to a mysterious cult in the desert run by top dog Big Caslon, his hulking, inarticulate bodyguard Herculanum, and bitch-in-heat with a penchant for fifty shades of gray—dark gray, very dark gray—Ariel Black. Before you know it, a can of worms escalates via a very curious process, perhaps angling of some sort, into a whole nother kettle of fish. But can Jake and old bird Tommy Denver foil the impending and sinister Final Forbidden Golden Love Banquet, or will they themselves vanish without trace and become nothing more than irksome footnotes in the annals of …

The Luminari - Font Of All Knowledge?

You can order the ebook, paperback and hardback here.

Our most recent wedding video mash up compiled from all the weddings we filmed last year :)


Raptor Filmz is a small, friendly professional videographers in Livingston, West Lothian. We cover central Scotland but have been known to travel as far south as Derby or as far north as Thurso!

We film weddings, events, concerts, shows, interviews, training videos, comedy sketches, short films and more :)

If you're looking for wedding videos the new name of our wedding videography department is White Orchid Wedding Films, and we have a nice blog here. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter .

Contact us for more information.

Our Most Recent Videos

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Our 2016 Wedding Compilation

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Our Most Popular Videos

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