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Your Privacy

Raptor Filmz Ltd: Your Privacy, GDPR & Data Protection

What data do we collect?

1) If you hire us to film your wedding, on paper and electronically, from clients, unshared, we collect your:


Email Address


Tel no.

We keep this information private and never share it with anyone.

2) On paper and online, from clients, we also ask you about your:





Favourite songs

Type of ceremony

We do this to enable us to do the best job we can when filming your big day. We don't share it except in 3) below.

3) We always ask before sharing the short version of your wedding day or any photos online.

This may contain information about your:

Wedding (public)

Date (public)

Location (public)

Visual information about the guests at your wedding, IE your friends and family.

We share this publicly with your permission and sometimes on your anniversary if we remember.

4) We keep a full back up of your complete wedding video on a DVD and also a digital copy on our hard drives just in case you ever need a copy or lose your copy. This would contain information about:

Your wedding

Visual information of your wedding guests

Your ceremony

Your speeches (which may contain more information about your lives)

We never share this with anyone unless in the special case where we might ask to make a promotional DVD with your wedding in which case we'd obtain your permission first.

If clients would like us to delete any or all of the above, please let us know. By not letting us know we assume (hope) you give your consent.

We don't send out newsletters and you're not subscribed to anything. If you'd like us to delete all the information we hold on you, and/or your wedding videos both short and full, please contact us.